This method is never to be used on classical lifts. Football is a game where the average time of a play is four to seven seconds, so one, two and three reps per sets with 40-second rest intervals must be used. This is known as exercise specificity. Hockey uses a little longer spring time and less contact time, but the barbell system is the same. The repetition method to near failure is best for individual muscle groups. A small list of special exercises to follow a core exercise include the following: glute/ham raises 4-8 reps for 4-5 sets; Reverse hyper 10 reps for 4-10 sets; lat work of all types for 8-12 reps and for 5-8 sets; tricep work 5-6 reps with barbells for 6-8 sets; tricep work 8-12 reps for 6-8 sets; and upper back 8-12 reps for 6-8 sets. Other exercises like kettlebells can be performed for 1-5 minutes per set and belt squats for 5-8 reps for 5-10 sets can be completed.

A substitute on max effort day is doing a repetition workout of small exercises, such as: sled pulling, wheel barrow or prowler work. An individual should pick two to four exercises and rotate as often as he feels fit. Training must be dense, which means the amount of actual work done inside a workout. To review, the repetition to near failure method can sometimes replace a max effort day and be used after the four main workouts days. A max effort day and a dynamic effort day workout are separated by 72 hours, which is true for upper and lower body workouts a like.  Special Strength Development for All Sports (Louie Simmons, 2015)