The Squat is a favorite compound exercise, but your physiology dictates your pattern of performance. Without coaching, you’re likely to squat the way your body feels most comfortable, but your natural progression and bio-mechanics will be limited. Do you want to squat heavier? If your goal is to challenge yourself with progressive weight increases, proper squat technique is imperative to your success. Since we are all built differently; there is no one squat style for all. Instead of explaining the bio-mechanics of the squat technique, I’ve elected to share resources; best practices from some of the top practitioners in the business. These coaches, trainers and athletes are not random acquaintances. They are subject matter experts in their respective fields.

Please read the following articles by Louie Simmons

Box Squat For Big Gains Part -1 How to Squat 600 Easy! Lower Back Pain How to Execute a Proper Box Squat For Big Gains Part -2

Dave Tate of Elite Fitness Systems (EFS) is a top resource. With his full consent to share his knowledge base, Dave presents YouTube videos that reveal proper techniques for all three lifts. One of EFS’s consultants, Matt Wenning has several great squat technique videos on YouTube, please study these two coaching videos.

EliteFTS.com So You Think You Can Squat Part 1

EliteFTS.com So You Think You Can Squat Part 2

Not sure about your setup and position? Watch this video… “How to Squat, With Chris Duffin.” Simply one of the best squat demonstration videos ever!

Chris explains in detail how to “Stand Strong” with five squat queues before the actual lift.
1. Draw Down
2. Inflate
3. Bend the bar
4. Twist the floor (Spread the floor)
5. Sit Back.

And for lower back rehab, watch Chris demonstrate “Hip Airplanes” to improve hip musculature firing and stabilize the spine.

We do a variety of lower body exercises, utilize various squat bars and frequently change accessory work to improve strength and flexibility for squats – some of which  will be showcased on YouTube