Kauka Lindsey – Profile


Kauka-profile-imageKauka Lindsey is a raw powerhouse standing 6’2″, and built like an off-season bodybuilder with 22″ arms, weighing between 310 and 335 pounds depending on food consumption and rest. Problem is, he doesn’t get much rest. Kauka is an excavation contractor and his office is a bulldozer. His least favorite work is excavating “Blue rock” which is the very dense thick interior of a volcanic lava flow, but also the most sought-after rock type by commercial quarry operators.

A natural born Hawaiian, Kauka Lindsey lives in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. The ancient Hawaiian elite warriors known as the “Koa” were tasked at protecting the chief, and Kauka possesses the same mindset when he enters a gym. He is blessed with rich Eastern Polynesian genetics from his burly grandpa.

Kauka-bulldozer-workHaving a family of four to feed, Kauka has never afforded supplements. We believe AtLarge Nutrition will be an AWAKENING! He already possesses the work ethic, size, strength and power, but now with Atlarge Nutrition in his corner, we’re expecting something remarkable from this “Koa” warrior to immerge!

Kauka has been weight training since eighth grade. As a 215 pound sophomore, he competed and pressed 315, beating a much larger senior. At 21, he benched 455 in competition, but Kauka doesn’t label himself a powerlifter or bench press specialist. He prefers to simply enjoy the journey. He’s dabbled in MMA, Arm Wrestling, but the bench press is his true passion.

Kauka’s immediate goal is to press 550 raw and drug free. His long term goal is to break national and World Records raw.

Kauka-armsIn 2005, Kauka had shoulder surgery to repair a torn and dislocated shoulder. Then in 2006 life took a second turn for the worse. While excavating a new pipe line installation, Kauka and two other laborers were tasked with moving a 400 pound iron pipe to an open dirt row. All three men were carrying the pipe along their side. Kauka was in the middle and had it wedged under his hand and on his hip. The first worker fell and the weight pulled Kauka to the side bending him in half along his anteroposterior axis. He couldn’t let go in time. This left him with severe nerve damage unable to walk for over a month and three more grueling months with limited mobility. Kauka was out of commission for six years.

tumblr_nwj5yjFg041qai51io3_540Maybe some people would have given up, but not Kauka Lindsey. This “Koa” warrior had other plans. Kauka willed himself back to weight training. His journey has been nothing short of remarkable, almost mythical. Still today, after a hard day of work, Kauka has some residual nerve pain and numbness in his leg, but you would never know watching him battle the iron.

kauka_press-495Records and other notable lifts include, a 478lb raw bench press in competition, a 535 raw bench in the gym. He can bench press 405 for 14 reps, 350 for 20 reps, 315 for 27 reps, and 225 for 48 reps. He’s able to do a standing strict barbell press with 320, and a seated military press with 415 for a double. Admittedly, he hasn’t put as much time into his squat and deadlift by his standards, with lifts slightly above 500, but Kauka doesn’t set any limits; he’ll get there!