Like the Squat, the Deadlift ia a compound exercise, a great strength and physique builder. When performing your initial warm-up sets, think speed, explosiveness. Deadlifting techniques vary depending on bio-mechanics, i.e., long or short torso, legs, arms,  and style; conventional, modified or sumo.

Take a look at Chuck Vogelpohl deadlifting 800 plus lb. during the 2010 Power Station Pro. Note the acceleration. It’s like watching the “Flash”!

Please review these resources:

“A common mistake is pulling the bar straight up. It must be pulled into the body, toward the body’s center of mass”.
Training Mistakes Part 0ne, Louie Simmons, 2013

Deadlift Training, by Louie Simmons



Study this comprehensive video with Matt Wenning. Matt reinforces the importance of speed and “explosiveness” during the Deadlift — So You Think You Can Deadlift? (Part 1)

We do a variety of special exercises and accessory work to create maximum explosiveness, and bar speed, some of which will be showcased on YouTube