Conjugate_banner_wspace(Short description) Within each training session, which is a wave system of periodization we combine bar speed, total volume and precise intensity zones of a predetermined percent of a 1 rep max. This along with proper biomechanics and physics. We do other exercises to raise our strength and to attack and overcome weakness in our three competitive lifts (Squat, Bench h & Deadlift).

In my garage gym with a little imagination, we’ve developed over 45 exercises to increase our three lifts. We pick 3-5 exercises per session and we rotate them to make continues progress. We do a seven week wave and then start again.

Even if you do not train for competition, the Conjugate Method is a great conditioner for health and fitness. Utilizing something as simple as Resistance bands will have a profound affect on your body; there’s simply no limits to what you can accomplish.

“In the early 1970s, the Dynamo Club in the former Soviet Union had 70 highly skilled Olympic lifters.” They followed this type of training system incorporating new and more difficult exercises to raise their standards.

“The conjugate method also improves SPP (special physical preparedness e.g., speed deadlifts, plyometrics) and GPP (general physical preparedness; e.g., sled dragging). This is the most effective method to gain strength continuously throughout the year, with no ridiculous off-season. No one can afford to take time off. By maintaining the speed work for the three lifts and increasing general wonk (e.g., upper and lower body sled work, lats, abs, and triceps) you won’t go back-ward.” Louie Simmons

Powerlifting is a physical and mental challenge. Powerlifting involves dedication and consistency. Bodytechusa evolved to showcase Westside Barbell, and Elite Fitness System training methods. My goal is to share a great knowledge base from these subject matter experts.

With Louie Simmons (Westside Barbell), and Dave Tate’s (Elite Fitness Systems) blessing, I’ll be proving video clips and articles from these great resources, along with other powerlifting friends, Chad Aichs, Scot Mendelson, Matt Wenning, and Kauka Lindsey, and a few videos of my own on occasion.

Although I lift RAW and compete in the AAPF Masters divisions, the Conjugate Method is a proven and trusted approach for training in my opinion, with NO LIMITATIONS! Review these articles by Louie Simmons. The have great training advice –

Training Mistakes Part One

Making Mistakes Part Two

Change Your Training Routine – Why Does the Conjugate Method Work?

“When you switch things up, the brains reward chemical, dopamine, is released, which prepares the body for action,” says Gregory Berns, MD, PhD, a neuroscientist at Emory University. “The brain is constantly trying to predict the way the world works, so when you encounter something that’s novel, it sees an opportunity to learn something new,” he explains. “Even small changes—like taking an alternate route to work or making that morning jog an afternoon swim—can make a difference.”