Highland Games

Brian has agreed to share some training thoughts for throwers.

February 15th 2014:

I’m trying to help throwers understand the best way to get height on a throw and stick the block. I remember thinking run down to the toe board. This in time became a good way to keep my center of gravity to travel across the ring as low as possible( .001 degrees of variation). It was easy to stay at this level because I was as low as I could go and not sacrifice posture. I taught myself to use my spine as an axis instead my sternum by keeping my head up and my eyes level. I felt slow at first adjusting with time I got more power into my vertical lift by having a tight rotation (torque)and helixing up vertically with a variance of .01 degree of wiggle room. It seemed the more bounce i could muster the higher I could release the shot. The horizontal drive coupled with spinal posture & bounce(plyometric) caused me / allowed me to achieve the power needed to release close to nine feet in the air and return to the center of the earth. I learned that the horizontal speed when matched with vertical speed gave me a 45 degree angle of release.. Also, I was making /taking the shot for a longer application of power. Fortius, Citius , Altius….equals distance… I strongly believe that a lowered shoulder out of the back causes a dropped shoulder at the front (No block) and the body continues to rotate past the sticking point…

February 5th 2014: Spinners , I have a test that I used to determine the best pathway through the circle. This test teaches position, transition and builds rotory muscles. Start at the back of the circle in the South African position with bar across your shoulders. The bar should remain level and perpendicular to your spine. The reason we use a bar is so weight can be added as you develope along the lineal pathway from 11:00 to 5:00 and back. The weight is added and teaches responsibility as to length of initial step. The depth of the pivot, separation, the responsibility of the left side of the body as the axis of the throw. It will eliminate the sweeping leg. lifting out of the back , open foot, puddle jumping, but builds muscle …Any question ?’s just add weight . I reached / earned my diploma at 315 pounds. ” The pathway with heart.”


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