I’ve been obsessed with strength and human potential my entire life. As a kid watching Superman (George Reeves) and reading DC Comics left a huge impression, but it was the 1st Worlds Strongest Man (WSM) in 1977 that really caught my attention. The CBS televised event took place at Universal Studios, California. David Webster was the developer / coordinator of the WSM. Doug Edmunds, “seven-times Scottish shot and discus champion and twice world caber champion“, worked with David and later took over when Webster retired. “Edmunds has been at the heart of strength sport for generations”. You can learn more at Wikipedia World’s Strongest Man

A silver medalist in the 1975 Mexico City, Pan American Games, Olympic Weightlifter, Bruce Wilhelm, was the first official WSM Champion. Bruce was 320 lbs., a dominate force and did his best to get inside the heads of competitors. He was highly vocal about other athletes outside of Olympic weightlifting, like powerlifters, but especially Bodybuilders. CBS sold the WSM to BBC, who in turn sold the rights to TWI, but WSM retuned to CBS in 2014.

davidDavid Webster is the go to expert for Strongman and has written books on the subject preserving the rich strongman culture! David announces at our NH Highland Games, which falls on his birthday each year. This photo was shot in 2014 during David’s birthday. It’s an honor to be his friend in strength.

From the “Trials of Hercules” to “Vasiliy Ivanovich Alekseyev’s” 521 lbs. Clean & Press to win Gold in the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics. Alekseyev broke down social barriers, which speaks volumes of a universal bond we all share regarding strength and our fascination with heroes.


steve-scottBodytechusa was a strength training site in 1996, but I soon began publishing HD Video reports and interviews about strength competitions and competitors thanks to Steve Pulcinella. Steve is a former powerlifter, strongman, and Highland games competitor; his athletic abilities set him apart from most strength athletes I’ve encountered. “In 1993, he won Virginia’s Strongest Man and the North America’s Strongest Man competition in Toronto, Canada, defeating 15 competitors in events including car deadlift, truck pull, and keg loading. In 1994, Pulcinella was invited to compete in the prestigious World’s Strongest Man contest in South Africa.”

I met Steve at the New Hampshire Highlands game in 1997. I covered the Pro NH Highland Games for Bodytechusa magazine. Steve told me I should fly out to cover the WSM in Las Vegas, NV, which had been absent from American soil for 15 years. So I did! The 1997 WSM was won by Jouko Ahola. Once I was introduced to Mike Lambert, publisher of Powerlifting USA Magazine, and Randall J. Strossen, publisher of IronMind Enterprises, things really began to take off.

svend-stoneThis 1997 iconic image of Svend Karlsen was taken from my camera during the preliminaries. This was the first time witnessing someone running with a 400lb stone. This is the Halsoft Stone Carry.

When asked why I stopped covering strength events in 2010, the answer was simple, the “Social Media Revolution.”  YouTube created a quicker means to share information and my video reports became obsolete!

I have no regrets having met a lot of incredible people, like strongman, Magnús Ver Magnússon, Bill Kazmaier, Žydrūnas Savickas, Heinz Ollesch, Derek Poundstone and Svend Karlson. In powerlfting circles, I’ve had the privilege to meet world champions, Donnie Thompson, Gary Frank, Andy Bolton, Ed Coan, Mark Challiet, Steve Goggins, Scot Mendelson, Chad Aichs, almost every top lifter over the past 15-years.  I’ve learned that great success requires strong physical, technical and mental abilities, but most of all “Discipline”. There are no short-cuts! I’ve witness those that take short-cuts, but “Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There’s plenty of movement, but you never know if it’s going to be forward, backwards, or sideways.” (“Quote” H. Jackson Brown Jr.)

Bodytechusa has evolved to showcase Powerlifting and Highland Game Training through subject matter experts. Leading the charge is Westside Barbell, Elite Fitness Systems, and other accomplished Powerlifters and Highland Game athletes.