Body Tempering

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Body Tempering

A new method of strength training that crushes weakness out of the body!

Body Tempering was developed by Donnie Thompson in August of 2014. It started as a mistake and just kept growing. We were hearing of great athletes succumbing to hernia surgeries due to severe muscle adhesions. That is something we never wanted. There was no way we were getting on the floor and flopping around on foam rollers. We used KettleBells to diffuse abs and quads for years. PCV pipe too. These were very useful and worked well. Then one day, Levi the Fireman was lying on the floor rolling his abs with a KB. Donnie jokingly told him he would put the X-Wife (a 135lb steel cylinder) on him to roll his stomach out (the X-Wife was and is a drop cut piece of solid steel, 5 inches in diameter and 24 inches long and 135lbs). So with the X-Wife on Levi’s stomach, he commenced to rolling it over his entire upper body. He loved it. So Donnie went next. Then Joe, then Josh and then everyone else.

This led to us trying it on our backs. Then the backs of the legs. Then chest and shoulders. And finally, the Calves! It was brutal but it worked.

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