The Bench Press is the big draw at Fitness Expos, powerlifting meets, and a favorite among gym rats. Like Squats and Deadlift, the Bench comes with a list of techniques to improve performance. The best Bench advice I ever received came from Dave Tate, Chad Aichs, Scot Mendelson, Kauka Lindsey, Bill Carpenter and Anthony Clark.

The best advice to improve the bench is to shorten your bar stroke (chest to lockout). Common sense, and bio-mechanics once again play a major roll in your success.

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Bench Press 600
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Study these comprehensive videos on Bench with Elite-FTS, Dave Tate. – So You Think You Can Bench (Part 1) 5 Biggest Bench Mistakes

We do a variety of bench press exercises, including the “Earth Quake Bar” and other accessory work, some of which will be showcased on YouTube

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