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Welcome to the Westside Barbell University

These certifications are continually evaluated through achievements made by the numerous professional and collegiate athletes who request an invitation to come to Westside Barbell to learn how to train correctly to improve their strength, speed, and sports-specific performance. This has included numerous athletes from the NFL, UFC champions and multiple title contenders, Olympic gold medal sprinters, and many more elite athletes from a diversity of sports.

Just as important, Louie Simmons continually evaluates the extremely valuable feedback he receives from the great majority of strength coaches worldwide that train their athletes using the Westside training methods, and certainly the continuous volume of feedback Westside receives from the majority of serious lifters and athletes in gyms worldwide that also train using the Westside training methods.

About the exams: Each package will allow for you to take the Certificate Exam on the site within a six month period. The exam entry expires after six months at which time you would have to renew it to be able to take the exam more times. The exam consists of 103 questions which needs to be answered with at least 70% correct answers for you to pass the exam.

These are not set prices (look for sales).

* Special Strengths Certificate Exam – Full Exam Package – $1499.00

This package includes the Essential Study Materials – (click here for details)

* Strengths Certificate Exam – Basic Package – $999.95

This package does not include the Essential Study Materials – (click here for details)

* Personal Training and Athletic Coaching Certificate – $499.95

All Study material is worth more than $350 – (click here for details)