Things You Should Know – Part III

Did you know that speed and quickness are determined by external resistance? No one tries to lift a heavy weight slowly, as Fred Hatfield said. Olympic lifting is a speed-strength sport, but requires great strength. In powerlifting, one must lift great loads. While these loads appear to move slowly, explosive strength is a must. In the United States, every university does some Olympic lifting. I ask them why. Their reply is that it builds explosive power. But in Europe, particularly in the old C.C.C.P., who invented the term “explosive power”, they never mention using the Olympic lifts. Dr. Yuri Verkhoshansky, who invented shock training, or, as we call it, plyometrics, talks about bounding, jumping, plyometrics, and depth jumps–jumping off a high platform, resulting in a high-speed landing- -but never Olympic lifts.

Louie Simmons